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Rookie Awards 2019 Portfolio Pieces

Rookie Awards 2019 Portfolio Pieces

Javier Alaiz
by jalaizdo on 13 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

This is a collection of the full Environments I´ve worked on during the last 7 - 8 months + 3 single assets I did during the same period of time. It´s been a crazy year full of new knowledge, people and challenges. Now after finishing my studies I feel ready to rock given the chance! Hope you enjoy my art! :)

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Real-Time Environment

Personal project trying to recreate a more organic environment. Inspired by the amazing Yu Yiming´s art. All assets made by me. HP sculpted in Zbrush for the wall and foliage + low poly in Maya. The Ivy is procedurally built in Houdini. Bakes in Marmoset. Wood, Plaster, Grass and Sand materials done in Substance Designer. Assets texturing in Substance Painter. All real-time Rendered in Unreal + Shaders tweaks. Mixed Baked & Dynamic Lighting.


Real-Time Environment

There he was, looking proudly towards his improvised extraction outpost in the desserts of Okana - "Pure energy is such an uncommon resource," said captain Xim while the blue rays colored his big open smile... "Not so rare anymore sir, not anymore..."

4 weeks project in my spare time. Original concept. Responsible for all aspects of the project including VFX, Materials, and Terrain. Scene Rendered in UE4.


Real-Time Environment

Five years ago I was inspired by the beautiful art of Jessica Smith. Back then I could hardly use Microsoft Paint and I was in a profound crisis in my life. Three weeks ago I got a facebook notification of the time I shared her artwork and it brought back those memories of when I wanted to be an artist. So I decided to bring it to life.

Three and a half weeks project.  All assets are created by me. This time I wanted to put more focus on the treatment of the materials in UE4 and what Tessellation can do. Light-wise I wanted to challenge myself with a really bright environment. I worked only with directional and skylight (baked).


Real-Time Environment

For my final Uni (solo) project I created an Unreal Scene from scratch. The goal of the project was creating a scene based on a defined universe. 

This project is part of the Unreal Student Showcase 2019.

Rakuen de Senshi, or “Warrior in Paradise” is a piece that takes place in a dystopian future era. Software controls everything in this universe, and the most advanced programs share the power. The last of mankind, an organized group called A.L.I.V.E (Algorithmic Life Induction V-Engineers), uploaded some of the most important human minds they could preserve in selected machines to carry on the human legacy. Rakuen is one of those minds. He is considered a pariah and his actions are not understood by those in the system. He fights to locate and protect the last great minds while hunting human relics to trade with some of the underworld machines.



My goal in this project was to match a concept while developing a new SD workflow. There is no HP model. 99% Textured in Substance Designer + SVG tweaks in Illustrator. One 4k Texture and 10.000 quads. It still has a bit of margin to optimize but I decided its time to move onto a new project. It's been a great learning experience. Thanks to Mehrdad Malek's for the amazing concept! Hope you like it!


Before diving again into Enviroments in Unreal I decided to do a simple but fun project. MA11A is Mayan inspired Dron. I had a lot of fun applying my now better understanding of Designer into my normal Painter workflow, specially for tweaking AO and Curvature. 

The Lost Kraken Treasure

"Somwhere in the deep oceans of Akart, fortune awaits... but wealth and power will come at a high price."  

This time I used a combined workflow. The planks where a main part of the chest so I decided to create them in Designer and then tweaking to add them in the overall texturing in painter. 

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