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La Banana - Student Animation Short Film

La Banana - Student Animation Short Film

Kai Zhi Chiang
by Ang Shi Fan, Chiang Kai Zhi, Chin Xin Ying, Chow Chia Yin, Fayanne DS, Foh Xik Yang, Grace Foo Jehn-Wei, Ha Neul, Joel Lee Soon Keet, Koh Kuang Yao, Leong Wei Kei, Leong Wei Yan, Lim Ching Loong, Mir Muizz Murtaza Khan, Ng Kar Hou, Ong Chee Hin, See Iu Qing, Tay Fang Jing, Wong Wen Houu, and kaizhi3006 on 25 Mar 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

Synopsis: A hungry street performing monkey tried its best to impress a kid in order to get his banana as a prize to fill its hunger. However, that kid is not easy to entertain. About the project: Under professional guidance, 18 students came together to create this short film in 6 months as their final project.

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