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A concept on a divine gatekeeper.

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Update - 2 May 2020

This is the final illustration for the contest. I changed the initial building in the background to a large door where she stands in the front to guard against enemies. She is a powerful villain with a duty to protect the empire and prevent enemies from trespassing.

This rough concept reveals a wider view of the gate/door that the gatekeeper is guarding. The skull of a vulture at the top of the gate symbolizes the civilization's dark nature. 

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Update - 30 Apr 2020

Current progress on the illustration

Update - 29 Apr 2020

Refined minor details and colors for the concept design.

Tried out various lighting scenarios with simple values.

Update - 28 Apr 2020

Experimented with thumbnails to explore various compositions.

Update - 27 Apr 2020

This is the current look of the guardian, there are already a few changes planned on certain features of the design. So it will be edited before I move on to the main illustration with environment.

Experimented with a few silhouettes to identify the shapes that best fit my character.