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Secrets Of The Fallen
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Secrets Of The Fallen

A temple guarded by a giant that continue to protect the mysteries the location holds even after their civilization is beyond gone.

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Update - 1 May 2020

Upon his exploration of the temple, the adventurer comes face to face with the last Guardian of this fallen civilization.

Painting process

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Update - 28 Apr 2020

Once I completed  the colour test thumbnails, I realized the surrounding environment was lacking some context (I wanted to show more elements of the temple, such as columns, rock fragments, ceilings, etc.) In order to fix that and have more thumbnails options at once, I decided to use Blender to slightly change the composition of the image and show a broader camera angle. For the giant in the back, I used Zbrush for block and posing. 

Update - 22 Apr 2020

After finishing the black and white thumbnails I decided to run a color test over two compositions, making some iterations along the way before the final painting/refining.  

Update - 16 Apr 2020

I started this contest with the loose idea of a fallen civilization being discovered by an adventurer. Later I decided to add guardians to add more to the story. 

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