Descent to the Underworld
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Descent to the Underworld

Rooted in Ancient Greek Mythology, my goal is to create an environment depicting Hades' territory, the Underworld. A place no one escapes, which makes our protagonist's quest to rescue his wife all the more difficult.

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Update - 4 Apr 2020

I decided to go with thumbnail number one as I felt it best felt the prompt and the atmosphere I was going for. When design this environment/temple, I really wanted to deliver on the ancient feel of it but also the other worldly aspect that would really push the forbidden lands aspect. This led to creating a temple with heavy influence in ancient Greek Architecture while also making it affixed underneath the cliff of a mountain to instill intrigue in the player/viewer. The crystal was designed as the prison for Cronus' soul, I was thinking about different ways I can show life/energy without losing the dead environment of the Underworld I was intending. Enjoy!

Completed iterations on the Cronus' soul crystal prison to see explore the kind of shape language and enclosure that would best fit the environment. 

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Update - 30 Mar 2020

After reflecting on my previous work on this contest, I came the to the conclusion that I felt my previous thumbnails missed the mark at delivery of the forbidden lands theme. I decided to try again and set myself a more grounded theme and a more clear story/prompt for myself to follow. I decided to go for designing the Temple of Cronus, the resting place of the Titan Cronus' soul in the depths of Tartarus. After completing the thumbnails I already felt like I had a more clear direction and atmosphere to follow. 

Update - 30 Mar 2020

Completed iterations of the character to explore the foreground area and their silhouette.

Update - 25 Mar 2020

I completed some iteration sketches of the "Waterfall" area and my intention was to create a space that feels accessible to the player. I tried to vary different types of environments and different levels of interaction to see which best fit the environment I was going for.

In order to more effectively design certain aspects of the selected thumbnails, I completed some exploration sketches of Cronus' helmet to get a better feel for the environment and how to balance the design around it. 

This thumbnail was selected as the one to bring to completion as I felt it embodied the atmosphere and scale I was looking for. The gigantic helmet represents the demise of the Cronus and his  place of imprisonment, Tartarus.

Update - 17 Mar 2020

Value thumbnails were done in order to find an easy to read composition. With simple shapes that are readable, interesting and have a clear resemblance of story. I tried to maintain some key elements such as  rivers, Greek architecture, etc with a mood of despair and death in order to give my environment the feel I was going for.