Concept Art, Illustrations & Matte Painting

Concept Art, Illustrations & Matte Painting

Seow Yong Khin
by yongkhin on 21 Mar 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

These are mostly my assignments I did when I was in college. It consists of different styles from realistic to stylized.

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Here are some of works that I think its my best. You can see more of them in my portfolio where I show my planning process, the progress of my artworks and the story and idea behind it.



This is a group project me and my teammates did in college. Its a fantasy movie in medieval timeline and it's about Vulcan who goes through obstacles and risk everything to get an antidote to save his son who was cursed by an evil creature, Antheia.

Here are some of the character, creature and prop designs from the project.

Protagonist design

Antagonist design

Creature design

Prop design

Key moment 1, Deadly Swamp Of Bloodstone Forest

A scene where Vulcan was on the journey to find the antidote to save his son’s life but in the Bloodstone Forest, he was attacked by evil trees and being dragged by vines into the swamp thus suffocating him. He needs to find a way to break free. 

Key moment 2, The Fall Of Antheia

The final battle where Antheia transformed into an Asudria and Vulcan, who was too weak to defeat himself, uses a broken piece of Orrium that he found and threw it into the beast's mouth. The power of Angelite (goddess of peace) in the crystal destroyed the dark power of Xamethyst (god of chaos) that were consuming Antheia.

Poster design

For the poster design, it shows that Antheia, the background silhouette, was consumed by the power of Xamethyst, the god of chaos, and became evil. Vulcan is seen enchanting his blade of glory with his powers trying to defend himself in the Bloodstone Forest. The movie focuses on the reckless love of a father who would do anything to save his son.

Matte painting

Clen, a giant tree in Bloodstone Forest, act as an entrance and it leads to an underground hideout of the tribe called Eora.


A story about a girl Ayiana who wants to prove that girls should be allowed to hunt which is known as a job for boys only.

Character design

Ayiana is the youngest of her siblings who wants to prove her worth.

Prop design

A bow that Ayiana made.

Architecture design 

A hut that she lives with her sister.

Grey Riding Hood

A remake of red riding hood. Winona (main character) and her rare fennec fox companion Koda was visiting her grandmother and have to fight against the Gevaudan, a legendary beast. 

Character design

Winona. The only child in the family. With great bravery, she is excellent in fighting and defending herself when dangerous animal approach.

Creature design

Koda. A rare fennec fox that Winona adopted. He is Winona's loyal companion. With sharp hearing skills, he can detect predators nearby.

Prop design

Winona's bag that she takes with her during her journey to visit her grandmother.

Vehicle design

Woodpicker. a wooden boat built by Winona.

Architecture design

Winona's grandmother's teepee where she lives with her good old friends.

Key moment

A scene where Winona and Koda were trapped and was trying to escape from Gevaudan, a legendary beast.

Another Walking Dead

A group of survivals that has to fight against the dictator in a zombie wasteland. 

Key moment

A scene where Helena and Eric was trying to escape from the zombies in an abandoned factory.

Matte painting & Illustration

Broken Machine

The Lost Globe

Candy Blast

A short video of me in Candy Blast 

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