Monster process
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Monster process

Daniel Portillo
by dannyboy95 on 1 Mar 2020 for Monster Challenge

This will show my thought process and how I went about creating my monster.

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Update - 10 Mar 2020

I created a board to explain and give some context as to what the parts used to create the monster were. The monster I had in mind was something that had speed and strength but at the cost of his humanity.

I then created concept that was more believable. Pangaea labs is the corporation that was contracted to create monster fit for combat. But of course the experiment needed a certain element.

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Update - 1 Mar 2020

Here are the concept pieces I did, I went through several designs until I was satisfied with one and I think the one with a thick neck with elephant tusk protruding from the collar bone was one that stood out to me. 

The next step would be to further explore that and creating a couple angles to give more information about the anatomy  of the creature. 


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Update - 1 Mar 2020

My process for approaching this was to grab as much reference as possible, I used Pur ref to contain my references. 

I later downloaded a free fully rigged gorilla to use for my monster pose reference. I then went into maya to move the limbs and face.