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For the contest I chose to do something unconventional: Timmy is a poor kid that wanders the streets of Birmingham and looks up to the Peaky Blinders. He hopes to be a gangster some day

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Update - 6 Jan 2020

Here's the final render. Had the busiest weeks so there's many things that were impossible to accomplish. For some reason I couldn't get eyelashes to render. 

I really wanted the character to fill like it was taken out of an English 20's movie by capturing both the clothing and the greyish color palette that really describes Birmingham back then. I decided to go for something more creative than just picking a character from the series and sculpt them in my own way, so I did a fictitious one that could be in it, if it was stylized of course. All in all, I enjoyed the theme and also enjoyed watching my own progress.

Thank you all!

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Update - 6 Jan 2020

first test render. tomorrow I will do some tweaks, add a background and upload the final one 

Update - 30 Dec 2019

I would say that everything sculpt-wise is done. I'm just going to prepare the model for texturing and create some asymmetry

Update - 26 Dec 2019

hey everyone. so, beret done. the inner shirt also done (I think). I've been working on his facial expression and trying some things. This one is the one I've liked the most so I think I'll keep on working on it.

Next thing to work on, lastly I hope, are the hands. Let me know if you like his face and know that any suggestions you might have are always welcome!

Update - 20 Dec 2019

Haven't really had much time to work on this little guy. But here's where I got. 

Need to add sleeve buttons, work on the shirt and finally on the beret, which might have a razor or not

Only then will I work on his hands and face

Update - 13 Dec 2019

so, this is how far I've got. Still doing folds on the jacket, which explains the hidden inner shirt and the folds overlapping the lapel. 
Still deciding if that's the pose I want for him or not. Later, I will do some facial studies and see the best expression for a "bad boy". 

Update - 10 Dec 2019

Almost done  with blocking the clothes! Reference on the side

Update - 8 Dec 2019

Kid's body I've sculpted so far.
I used fanart concepts of Hiro Hamada (from Big Hero 6) as facial reference.