Sea Summer
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Sea Summer

by barcelonarobot on 26 Sep 2019 for Summer Photorealism

Paddle. Paddle again, keep paddling. Do not give up. There are a thousand wonders hidden out there. If we get far enough we will find them. Who knows what will be this time.

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Update - 5 Oct 2019

Final Render

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Update - 5 Oct 2019

Adjusting lights in the latest versions

Update - 4 Oct 2019

Almost Final Render

Update - 4 Oct 2019

Modelling process

Compositing nodes

Update - 2 Oct 2019

Working on the Dolphins

Test of the dolphin dynamics and water reaction. 

Update - 29 Sep 2019

Composition test

Trying several compositions. Finally, I believe that Golden Ratio will  be best choice. I will go to add some rocks foreground to balance the image.

Update - 26 Sep 2019

Working on the board

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Update - 25 Sep 2019

Working on background and environment

First attempt to illustrate the sea. Working on sea waves and background mountains. 

Update - 25 Sep 2019

Image references and first sketches