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Red Panda -The Fury Flame

Red Panda -The Fury Flame

by goody12334 on 31 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

One of the characters I made for a short film that I am working on

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This is one of the characters for my grad thesis short film at Emily Carr University. Alisha Steinberger and I, we decided to team up to make a short film about a red panda warrior fighting a big monster.

We wanted to have an ancient Asia setting for our film, thus we decided to make a red panda warrior as our main protagonist.

I learnt a lot from this project especially from this character. I want to make sure that our characters look realistic yet still stylized. Alisha helps me with the character design, and we have several designs . With fur, I hand painted the texture map with substance painter. My favourite part of this character was the process of grooming it, it wasn't easy but I learnt alot!

Wireframe and Beauty Blend

Wireframe and Ambient Occlusion 

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