Vincenzo Bufalino 2019 Compositing Demo reel

Vincenzo Bufalino 2019 Compositing Demo reel

Vincenzo (Vince) Bufalino
by vincenzobufalino on 31 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

A collection of freelance and school projects whilst studying compositing at CG Spectrum.

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Some freelance work and work created whilst studying at CG Spectrum and successfully completing a Diploma of Compositing from February 2017 to February 2018. Further Study 10 weeks through a scholarship I won through The Rookies 2018 December 2018 to February 2019.

Big shout out to CG Spectrum for the ongoing support throughout and especially to Gregory Ng my mentor who I had the pleasure learning everything I know about Nuke over the year and special thanks to my 10 week scholarship mentor Sean Amlaner. I walked into this course at the start with zero knowledge about Nuke. You are both true inspiration and I admire both your dedication and time given, could not of done this without your guidance and passion.

Shots: Balloon Bomber, Living Space (Feature Film), Apocalypse Escape, Destruction Takeover, Bad Bob, Maddie the Croc and Rock & Crate.

Tasks: Various technical skills and creative style.

2D and 3D tracking, rotoscoping, roto-paint clean up, green screen, lighting, colour grading, generated & CG integration.

Programs: The Foundry Nuke & Adobe Photoshop.

References: Main assets provided by CG Spectrum as green screen plates or EXR rendered passes.

All FX's from Footage Crate and Action VFX. Destruction takeover original plate & Apocalypse Escape original plate from Video Pixels.

Destruction takeover surfaces & Apocalypse Escape cars and plane from various web pages.

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