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Concept Art Portfolio

Concept Art Portfolio

by paolamunoz on 31 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

This is a compilation of my personal projects and works of the last years.

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O D U N 

This is a  short film that tells the story of Monra, the leader of an ancient tribe afflicted by a rare disease. Monra will find in his past the key that will take him into the sacred city ODUN, where he believes is the solution for the survival of his people.


Exploring moods and environments, in these pieces, I only used photoshop, photographs and paint over.

Ganesh temple

For this image I sculpt the Ganesh statue  in Zbrush and then I did the overpaint in Photoshop

Also, I explored doing layouts in blender to have more ideas...


Background Design

  Combining 3d and painting:

Who killed the giant jellyfish? 

This is a Concept I made for a short story that I wrote about a biopunk future in which humanity is attacked by giant jellyfish from another planet. 

For this, I use 3D to make some layouts and then I over paint and photo bash in photoshop.

For this piece, I wanted to show some cyberpunk espionage

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