Symphony Allison Rookies 2019

Symphony Allison Rookies 2019

by symphonyallison on 31 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

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I'm Symphony, and here is some of the work I've done in the past year.

Netfilx ID

The brief for this piece was to create a Network ID for Netflix. In creating this piece, I wanted to showcase the fun and the versatility of the shows Netflix offers.

Kill Bill Title Sequence

The brief for this piece was to create a title sequence for an existing film. I chose Kill Bill because I thought the film had a lot of fun iconography that would be exciting to animate. In concepting for this title sequence, I decided to approach the sequence as if it were a dream the main character has. Because the title sequence is bookended by scenes that are four years apart, I decided to make the sequence representational of the coma the protagonist is in during those four years.

Body Gold Music Visual

This project is a music visual for the Louis the Child remix of Body Gold. My focus in this piece was to use lighting to compliment the tones of the music.

Habitat for Humanity PSA

This goal for this project was to create a PSA for an organization. I chose to create a piece for Habitat for Humanity's Women Build program. For this animation, my main focus was integrating the type and illustrations to represent the building of a home. 

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