Youi Shih Rookies 2019

Youi Shih Rookies 2019

by youishih on 31 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

I’m an artist whose goal is to create influential stories which can impact the world. With the focus on manipulating a strong emotion of a video, I’ve developed many works by utilizing live action, projection mapping and 2D in the last year. To see more please visit my website:

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2019 Youi Shih Showreel

Hi, I'm Youi Shih!

I'm an motion artist who comes from Taiwan, with a master degree of motion media design at Savannah College of Art and Design. As you are viewing my works, you'll find that I'm obsessed with building a strong emotion inside of each synopsis. I believe art can change the world by telling influential stories. I love to interact with the nature such as human nature or environmental nature by utilizing cinematography, 2D motion graphics and projection mapping. Below you can see my feature works in 2019. Hope you enjoy them :)

Main-on-End Title Sequence: The Shining

+ Concept

Aiming to spread the emotion of the movie and to create the illusion that looks peaceful but with dangerous instincts. Using four metaphors, which are pattern, blood, snow and loop, to interpret the synopsis and reversing the classical scenes in the movie. It's always be fascinated to do the live action and be a craftsman, which allows me to explore the relationship between the substances and art.

+ Treatment: Live Action

Applying laser cut on acrylic board with the patterns, then pouring red pigment and fake snow on it to display the synopsis in the film.

+ Sketch & Storyboard

+ Process

+ Style Frames

+ Credits

Creative Director: Youi Shih    |    Assistant: Maria Adelaida Marquez

Biophilia: A Dialogue between Human and Nature

It's a graduate project collaborated with another motion graphic artist Paola Baiz.

+ Intro

What's the sound of the tree? How to feel the emotions from a flower? The project explores the relationship and connections of nature and human being. We aim to experience how nature could heal us and bring us back to the present. Through improvised movements of performance and projection mapping, the goal is to visualize the dialogues between human and nature.

+ Concept

The concept was inspired by our own stories, Paola and I have been benefited from nature due to personal issues which happened during our bad times. We got hurt from life, but nature healed and brought us back to the present in the reality. The project is a reminder that people should not live in the past, but focus on living at the moment and appreciate for the environment which is around us. As being artists, we never forget to do our missions that making the world better, and we choose nature as the target.

+ Treatment

We want to visualize the dialogue between human and nature, aiming to create an unique viewing experience for audience who is sitting indoor and doesn't have time to dive into nature. Through the use of visualizing an audio, which is directly transferred from botanical environment into graphics, the goal of project is to explore the relationship between human and nature by integrating projection mapping and performance. We hope we can let you know more about nature. 

+ Sketch + Storyboard

+ Mood Board

+ Field Trip of Shooting Location

Skidaway Island State Park, Savannah, Georgia

+ Video Sample: Collecting Audio from Plants 

+ Video Sample: Projection Mapping

Passcode: biophilia2019

+ Behind The Scenes

+ Responsibilities

Both of us have created visuals for projecting on different surfaces. For example, I've created visuals for projecting on botanical plants and trees. Paola has created visuals for projecting on the teepee. I'm also the cinematographer, main editor and colorist, however, Paola has always supported me to revise all the works though the whole process.

+ Credits

Creative Director: Youi Shih, Paola Baiz    |    Cinematographer: Youi Shih

Editor: Youi Shih, Paola Baiz    |    Colorist: Youi Shih

Main-on-End Title Sequence: Daylight Savings

It’s a collaboration work with senior film major student, made for her graduate project: Daylight Savings. It’s a horror short film.

+ Film Synopsis

Creatures have suddenly taken over. A college student named Logan has managed to survive for quite a period of time, but one night his lantern goes out. The monsters decide that is the perfect time to attack and infiltrate his home. In order to escape, Logan must do three things: be quick, be quiet, and stay in the light.

+ Concept

If Logan want to survive, he needs to collect the lighting sources and stay in the light. Light is the key in this film. Light is also like spotlights in monsters eyes when he turns on a flashlight. They know where he is, and always preparing to haunt him. Its goal is to illustrate the relationship between the light and monster.

+ Sketch & Storyboard

+ Style Frames

+ Credit

Creative Director: Youi Shih


For so many years, as being an lesbian, my sexuality is always a secret to parents. This video is created for inviting them to have an open conversation with me, and for those who also want to get closer to their parents. Its goal is to gain a chance to talk about the things that they are scared or unfamiliar. Rather than just coming out and doing nothing, creating a panic, I wish they could face the truth and bravely discuss about it.

+ Concept

It is a self confession and a voice performance via the format of the video. I reveal the story by drawing the abstract figures which connect the memories between I and my parents. Applying the treatment of dynamic typography to express the emotion of my words.

+ Sketch

+ Storyboard

+ Style Frames

+ Credit:

Creative Director: Youi Shih

That's All!

Thank you for taking time to look through my works. I hope you have as much enjoyment looking through it as I did creating it. If you want to know more about me, please visit my website: Youi S.

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