Game Art by Jennifer Blömeke

Game Art by Jennifer Blömeke

by jenny on 30 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

With this entry I want to share with you the art pieces I created in the last 1,5 years during my studies at Howest - Digital Arts and Entertainment, that I am most proud of. I hope you enjoy!

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Research: Realistic Real Time Hair

For six weeks I researched the creation of realistic real time hair. Since the game industry most commonly uses hair cards I decided to create a hair piece with cards myself going through the whole pipeline. 

At first I created textures by generating hair strands along guidelines in XGen in Maya and baked them in xNormal. After that I extracted hair cards from the texture and build hair chunks from 2-4 hair cards before I placed those by hand.

 I began from a base layer using opaque cards to cover up the scalp and then a breakup layer on top using more transparent cards. Lastly I placed flyaways and transitional hair. In the end I brought it all into Unreal where I made the beautyshots with a modified version of Epic´s hair shader model.

To study and introduce physics to hair I created another hair piece with a different authoring technique using NVIDIA HairWorks.

Asian Punk Girl - 3D Character(WIP)

I created this character after this amazing concept art from Kart "Souracid" Liversidge.

I always have been interested in the asian culture and being a fan of the punk style myself the concept inspired me on multiple levels, which is why I decided to recreate the character in 3D.

The following renders are made in Zbrush and display the work in progress. I plan to finish the retopology on the character, unwrap it, texture it in Substance Painter and pose it.

Concept Art

Bust Sculpt: Emma Stone

Likeliness bust sculpt from Emma Stone as Olive Penderghast from the 2010 released movie "Easy A". The clothes are inspired by the movie as well.

Vintage Gumball Machine

An old Gumballl Machine from 1945 by Silver King Corp. I modelled the low- and highpoly in 3dsmax and baked and textured it usind Substance Painter.

real life reference and main inspiration

ArchViz Scene: The Golden Bullet

For the course Level Decoration we had to make an ArchViz Scene inspired by reference. I downloaded all assets besides the window, the canvas and the room structure from websites online. I made the victorian ceiling pattern myself using Substance Designer and the light was set and bulit in Unreal Engine.

Horror Kid Room - Level Decoration

Welcome to the room no kid wants to sleep in. 

I made this dynamic 180 degree scene to deepen my skills in Level Decoration, compositioning as well as mood and lighting in Unreal Engine4. 

Most of the Assets are downloaded onlilne, I made decorative elements like trims myself to cover the edges. Furthermore I rigged and animated the tentacle and also added animation to the steering wheel and the rocking chair to give the tentace some interaction. I also made a TV shader with the help of the material editor, material functions and blueprints in UE4. The sounds are downloaded online and fully integrated in the level blueprint.

All Substance Designer materials are made myself or with the help of free youtube tutorials.

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