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Animation Reel

Animation Reel

Vanessa Schneider
by vanessaschneider on 30 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

Filmmaking and Art, in general, is a unique craft. Not only you have to learn different software and rules, but you also have to understand what surrounds you: humans, animals, nature - how the world is. These are the reasons why I want to pursue a career as an animator or rigger.

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Hello, I‘m a media design student from Germany, with a focus on CG and character animation. I am fascinated by creature animation as well as Rigging, Motion-Design, Film, Music, and Graphic Design. I’m a conscientious and highly motivated team player with a passion for music and inspiring stories.

Animation Reel

The video is a compilation of my animation from the last year. I was responsible for the animation.

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