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Leandro Leijnen - Character entry | 2024

Leandro Leijnen - Character entry | 2024

Leandro Leijnen
by Phoerens on 22 May 2024 for Rookie Awards 2024

Hi, I'm a student in 4th year at Creative Seeds, a 3D animation school in France. I'm focused on characters. This entry is all my best projects from the last two years. I hope you like it !

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I modeled the clothes in maya and then simulated them in houdini using vellum. The simulation was done with a thin version of the clothes and simpler topology, and at the end I wrapped the clothes with thickness on the simulated version.

The expressions are not finished, I need to clean the last expression when she smiles. The teeth are not correct. 

The zombie is based on a concept by Max Grecke

First image is the mesh without sculpt, second is with sculpt in Zbrush, and third is with the height from painter

This is the short movie. The name is "Home Made". I'm really glad how it turned out ! 

Animations by Youen Bouley

some ZBrush screenshots

The rig was made by Elodie Renault

That's all of it ! Thank you to have taken some time to look at my entry.

I want to thank my mentors and friends for helping and supporting me with my projects. 

Bye !

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