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Eleanor Kirkwood - Rookies 2019 Entry

Eleanor Kirkwood - Rookies 2019 Entry

Eleanor Kirkwood
by eleanorkirkwood on 31 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

Hello! This is a compilation of projects that I've completed within my past year and a half of studying at Flinders University/CDW Studios.

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2018 Character Design Project

This was my final project for a character design workshop I took in 2018. The instruction for this task was to choose a setting provided and create a character from within it.

I chose a post-apocalyptic world and to create a young child character. The main inspiration for this character came from video games such as The Last of Us and Telltale's The Walking Dead, but I made sure to keep my design more colourful and lighthearted. I did this because I wanted to go against the 'hopeless' and 'dreary' themes typical to a post-apocalyptic setting.

Personal Projects

The following are a few personal projects I completed outside of university work.

Game Design Project: Full Circle

Full Circle is a game concept I created as a final project this past semester. The idea for the game was a 2D platformer with a heavy focus on solving puzzles to progress. The player would primarily control one character, but also be able to temporarily swap between companion characters, who would each possess different skills to help with puzzle solving.

The main goal for my project was to make a number of assets, enough to produce the mocked-up screenshots, which can be seen below. I made every asset except for a font, which was resourced from This font was used in dialogue boxes and in the start menu mock screen.

All of the other assets were made in Adobe Photoshop and designed to be put into the Unity Engine. Although I never got the game to a playable state in the engine, I did complete a full run cycle for the character.

Although my final project was a 2D platformer, I did play around with the idea of creating an RPG in the same style as Undertale and Stardew Valley. 

I did change to my final plan soon after but did complete a few designs for the major characters and an idle animation for one of them. 

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