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Character/ Creature Showcase

Character/ Creature Showcase

Georg Uebler
by georg on 30 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

Showcase of my latest personal Character/ Creature work.

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Cyber Cara

My latest project where i tried to combine all the knowledge about Facial Modeling and likeness i gathered throughout the last year. The head was sculpted in Zbrush, where i used the new work flow of projecting the hight information from the XYZ multichannel maps directly onto the face with Zwrap to later match the pore details and the texture information with the baking options of xNormals. I then adjusted the diffuse map in Mari and created the rest of the maps based on it. The hair was done with X-Gen and the skin rendered with the VRayAlSurface shader in Maya.

Dying Bee

A piece regarding the relevant topic of insect decline. Thanks to The Roockies Awards 2018, I had the chance to be mentored by Francisco Alvarez through CG Spectrum, who provided me with great knowledge about the Character Creation Pipeline along the way. I was responsible for all aspects from concepting to final retouches. Sculpted and posed in Zbrush, textured in Mari, hair done with X-Gen and rendered in Vray for Maya. For every shot, I tweeked the lighting and retouch.

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