Concept Art & Design Entry  2019

Concept Art & Design Entry 2019

Cesar Ramirez
by cezramirez on 29 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

These are some of my favorite projects I´ve worked on, both on my own and while I was enrolled in a concept design master course at MST design school.

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Sport car design, made for Hot Wheels´ 50th anniversary. (not professional work)

Modular Cargo vehicle,made with a 3d coat base.

Props & vehicle design, for a cinematic adaptation of Robur the Conqueror, written by Jules Verne.

Spiderman keyshot, based off into the spiderverse´s style.

Worldbuilding based off speakers.

These structures are named after the cultures´ gods, which can only be represented trough sound.

shrimp lad and coral bot

experiment with shapes and colors for mech design.

experimenting with colour for costume design.


Creature design for Jurassic World 
I created this creature based of pteosaurs that were known to hunt,fish and scavenge, like the Istiodactylus and the Quetzacoatlus. (not professional work)

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