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Federico Andolfo - Character Portfolio

Federico Andolfo - Character Portfolio

Federico Andolfo
by foga on 30 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

I'm glad to present you my 2018 portfolio. Those projects are the result of 3 years of studying at IED Milano.

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Lady Maria Fan art

I wanted to make one of my favourite characters from Bloodborne: Lady Maria.
This project has been a great opportunity to push clothes quality with Marvelous designer and Zbrush.
I wanted to create a mood of challenge, presenting the character with an elegant pose, like she was a doll.

50k Triangles roughly.

4k cloth texture.

2k face texture.

2k hair texture. 


Helel is the protagonist of my project's degree: A videogame made in Unreal Engine 4 called "Hoax"; I was responsible for Character Art and Design, and Environment Art.

She's a survivor on a hostile alien planet, ruled by terrifying creatures. Wandering alone for 10 years, carrying the sin of a tribute unfulfilled which condamned the most she cared, she's now seeking answers, where life only shines in the darkness.

Dutch Geisha

She's the character I made for the Feudal Japan: The Shogunate Challenge of Artstation.

The model was made in Maya and Zbrush, then I made retopology using Unfold 3D and Textures in Substance Painter and a bit of Photoshop. For this project I wanted to achieve a better quality with hairs, making them the most appealling as possible, while maintaining a reasonable polycount. 

Based on the beautiful concept of Nuo Xu

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