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Sir Meet Rocher
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Sir Meet Rocher

Hello everyone! I am glad to present to you my project for the Meet Mat 3 Contest: Sir Meet Rocher!

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Update - 19 Jan 2024

Hello everyone! 

 I'm excited to present to you my Sir Meet Rocher finally complete and ready to be admired!

Since I showed you the last work in progress, I've spent time creating renders and refining the textures. One of the tastiest additions is a hazelnut with a displacement map and some alpha. It was fun experimenting with textures; considering it's only my second time, I'm aware that there's still much to learn!

I want to thank The Rookies for the opportunity to participate in this contest. It's been an incredible experience that motivated me to push beyond my creative limits.

I truly hope you like the final result as much as I enjoyed creating it! 

(following, you can see the examples of displacement maps I used for the hazelnuts)

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Update - 2 Jan 2024

hello! that's my third wip... I'm trying to focus on the body of my meet mat: the paper that wraps the Ferrero Rocher. I just need to add some details (like stickers, chocolate chips and the hazelnut) and that's it!

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Update - 11 Dec 2023

Hi everyone! That's my second WIP. I'm trying to manage as best as possible the height and the shapes - even if I'm struggling A LOT - using alphas, textures, and a lot of painting!

But many details are missing before the final result... so stay tuned!

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Update - 7 Dec 2023

My concept is inspired by the famous and delicious Ferrero Rocher, an italian chocolate and hazelnut confectionery. As you can see, I just made a simple sketch to help you understand how I will represent my Meet Mat. Stay tuned for the next wip!

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