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Two nostagic, recalling, meet mats.
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Two nostagic, recalling, meet mats.

Hello, i'm Gennaro and i'm happy to present you my two entries for the contest! I chose to bring you two iconic designs: kinder surprise and tamagotchi! If you want an in depth of the decisions read the story!

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Update - 14 Jan 2024

My final renders: Tamagotchi

The story behind:

Behind the tamagotchi, there are a lot of memories which involve my two sisters, older than me. When i was little i have this vivid memory, we were sitting in the car waiting for my mom and my sisters were playing with this little thing, called "tamagotchi". I just set there and watched them play. So beside the fact that i really love the design and the concept behind it, it's a thing that makes me nostalgic, of how simpler things were and how happy they made us, happiness comes from the simple things they say.

How i made it:

Even if it seems a simple project, it wasn't so simple after all... I started by doing the main coatings, i used a plastic effect to give the grain that plastic has, and i used a coat on the front to make it more realistic. For the displacements i made myself the alpha maps on adobe illustrator, and at the hand i placed the stickers, which i made too, to be spot on with the design of the one i chose. For the monitor i had to firstly separate all the elements and made the icons on photoshop. Than after importing i had to paint the stars and the waves, and i did 3 layers for the monitor, one is the displacement, one is the color coating, and least but not last is the lcd effect, if you zoom in you can see the rgb pixels that a lcd screen usually has. I really enjoyed making this project, i really like how it turned out and i'm proud of it.

My final renders: Kinder surprise

The story behind:

I lost my grandad when i was only five years old, and i remember too few things about him. He was a farmer in the south of italy, and he had some animals like pigs, cows, chickens in his little farm where he brought me with him when i was there. Since i live in Milan i only saw him in the summer, and one time when i was coming back at home at the end of summer, he handed me a package, and it was a pack of kinder surprises... I don't know why i remember this thing in particular, i wish i remembered more of the time i spent with him because i really miss him, i want to dedicate this one to my grandad.

How i made it:

Since the last update i made the paper better, both on the head and on the body. On the head i made it so that the part where its torn could be more realistic, and made the aluminum so that it could seem like it's folded by giving different values in the displacement, painting the zones with black and white values. Other than that, on the head, i made the chocolate better by firstly making it more broken and more scratched, but i added the color in the scratches of the chocolate underlayer. Than i made the broken part prettier on the edges and i added the surprise container.

On the body i added to the folding part that meet in the middle some displacement discontinuity and some aluminum, so that is spot on with the real one, i bought one for reference and to see this details. For the stickers i made them myself on Illustrator by using the photos i made to the one i bought.

I really like this, it turned out great, and even if it is a bit "empty" unlike some of the entries i really like it, i feel it's balanced and good, and it has an emotional value so it's important to me, and that's all it matters...

Last words:

Thanks to everyone that supported my projects in this journey, it was great, i wish everybody participating good luck!

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Update - 28 Dec 2023

i added the details in the plastic shells, added some color in the screen and made it square, added a map to make it look like a lcd screen

i went on and added some details for the paper, made the brakage look more realistic, made the aliminium more correct, and made the wrapping more like the reference. I even added the icons that are on the paper. I bought one for references i can use

What i will do in the last days:

For the tamagotchi i will go on and add the chain, than make the details look better and add back the stickers.

On the kinder suprise, i will add more detail on the wrapping paper and make the chocolate better, i will make the broke part look better and more realistic and i will try to put the surprise shell inside

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Update - 11 Dec 2023

here is and update: i started working more on the displacement effects i wanted to give and on the wrap. I changed the maps i used so that i could resemble more how paper effectly wrinkles. Than i experimented with the chocolate. I crated some holes and after playing with the height, i added some filters like blur and bevel, and i got a great realistic chocolate effect where you can see the double layer of chocolate. I still have to add the surprise case inside the head, and add all the labels. One thing i want to try too is to make the paper that contains all the eggs on the shop's shelf, but i think it will not be that easy

Update - 7 Dec 2023

Two nostagic, recalling, meet mats.

My first idea: Kinder Surprise!

Recreating the one sweet thing everybody wanted as a kid, and still want! I remember all the times i used to go grocery shopping with my mom and every time we went to the check out, i kept looking at the kinder surprise and asked my mom to buy one for me, and if it was a lucky day, she would say "yes"!

Thats why i wanted to do this concept.

For now this is the first step and i just did some blocking of the idea, but there is still a lot of work to do!

I will of course break the chocolate egg and show the suprise box inside! For now i painted a bit to make the outside wrap and made the chocolate with some scratches..

My second idea: Tamagotchi!

ooh, i remember this one because of my sisters. My two sisters, who are older than me of 9 and 13 years, got this one game when i was very very little. I remember watching theme play with this little thing in they're hanids and asking them what they had to do. Such a simple game, yet one that every body loved...

I'm bringing back from all people memories this one with a particular design i liked.

i started by doing the main coating of the body, i added some gaussian to make a more realistic feeling of the plastic and more similar to the design reference, than i added the buttons and the stickers. 

After that i started doing the screen part, even if i'm not sure if i will keep it that way... I started by making the broken part with a displacement, than did another one for the screen and painted above the interface.

still, there is a lot of work to do, make it more pelicular and add some things...

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