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Magnum MeetMat
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Magnum MeetMat

First contest ever on The rookies and in my career. I am going to try to make a MeetMat reminiscent of the Magnum Starchaser

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Update - 13 Jan 2024

Final post - Last update

I am proud to present you my Magnum meet mat! after much research and testing I think I managed to give it my best, below are the final renders and further update

Contest Render

Below are the renders with the spefiches required by the competition: 4K resolution and cameras of the official project


The main maps that make up my meet mat!

Render from other perspectives

other 360-degree perspectives of my subject


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Update - 29 Dec 2023

Third Update

After doing some composition and color tests, here I am with the third step of this contest!

I worked mainly on the realistic effect of the materials. surely the next step will be to work on the base, improve the ice cream and add caramel in some places

These are the maps made so far, not yet fully finished

Update - 28 Dec 2023

Blocking and tests - Second Update

This is my second step, I did a first draft of the displacements and some colouring, to see how and if the concept I came up with was working

I created some geometry in Zbrush to import into Substance Painter as alpha for height

Update - 7 Dec 2023

Entry - First Update

For this contest I started with some ideas of possible MeetMat composed of food, given my interest in the subject matter

In the end, my professors and I opted for the Magnum, which is more recognisable and iconic. Also more suited to my current skills in texturing and using Substance

I designed two similar options to see which one would fit better with the basic shapes of the MeetMat


After deciding what the concept should look like, I set out to find the references for each part, looking particularly for macro photographs from which I could orrervate the materials, in addition, of course, to the various Magnum publicity photos

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