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Meet Retro-Electro Mat
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Meet Retro-Electro Mat

This is my entry for the Meet Mat contest. The concept is based around old electronics, mainly VHS/casette tapes and old audio equipment.

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Update - 18 Dec 2023

Added a little easter egg on the screen, substance painter 1.0 launched October 15th 2014. So I have added "14-23" to mark 2014 till now. (this will probably be updated to "14-24" to be up to date with the new year)

Smaller "15 OCT 2014" is also added.

Update - 9 Dec 2023

In this update I was doing some general texturing and experimenting with the different key features of my reference. Things like the surface detail on the VHS casettes, the seams, screw and buttons. Still have some minor height displacement artifacts to iron out but overal pretty happy with my progress so far.

Update - 5 Dec 2023

Update - 5 Dec 2023

The inspiration for my entry circles around my old memories as a kid with my walkman and vhs tapes. I was struggling to think of a concept at first really focusing on the round face shape. At first I thought of a robot but when I started looking for reference around old electronics I stumbled upon it, an old VHS tape. The rest was built from there. I really like how it's a collection of all the strong memories I have with old electronics.