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Doorman Meetmat
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Doorman Meetmat

The idea is to create a doorman of a luxurious residence/hotel. The concept highlights the 24/7 punctuality, surveillance, attention to details & presence of doormen who keep us safe throughout the day.

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Update - 27 Dec 2023

As a final update with the render, I added tiny veins under the gloves, and the hat we usually see the doormen wearing (in movies or many years back) with height & displacement. 

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Update - 26 Dec 2023

In this update, it's almost complete as I added the height on the uniform overall with the familiar folding & ironing details we commonly see on any men suit. I didn't want to make it perfect as I wanted to show that this doorman is in the middle of his working day. I added the red carpet as he is the first welcoming face at the lobby. I made sure the carpet had realistic details with darker spots coming from stepping on it with minor height addition. I also added lace on the shoes. I made sure to highlight the fingers under the gloves with height, adjusting the roughness to a glove like look. Scratches were added on the camera in this update.

Update - 24 Dec 2023

As I progressed in the doorman meetmat, I started working on the uniform details: adding buttons, pockets and sleeves details. I added some minor height details, saving the rest of height addition to make it more realistic.

I also added the clock on the base, symbolizing a 24/7 presence of the doorman. I wanted a classic roman numbers watch as per the reference I chose, so I made sure to add the colors details on the edges to make it more realistic.

Update - 17 Dec 2023

In this update, I added the shiny shoes material as well as the uniform cotton material. I have added here the height & roughness details to the lens to make it more realistic.

Update - 3 Dec 2023

The idea was inspired by the doormen we see in hotels, smiling, welcoming yet attentive with good reflex. I started with the basic camera lens on the head & a marble floor. More details of height & roughness to be added on the lens part.