Iman Alya (roganezaric)

Iman Alya (roganezaric)

by roganezaric on 29 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

Here is my entry for the Rookies Awards 2019

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Hi everyone, my name is Iman Alya Kamaru'l Taufek from Malaysia. I'm a student from THE ONE ACADEMY  and here I will showcase my portfolio.

This is a personal IP I worked on during my final year in school. Aetherius: The Rise of Uqacia is a chapter of a adventure that follows the story of a young girl who has amnesia and mysterious black wings attached to her back. She woke up one day in foreign land with no memories of her past nor herself. A group of teenage boys called Uqacia found her washed ashore. Due to her not remembering her real name, she was given the name Rogan (which means blackbird in their country's native language) by the leader of Uqacia, Chaiuse, and was brought into the group until she regains her memories. The setting of the story: Malatori is a country that practices a very ancient and vile religion where bloodshed and sacrificial rituals are involved to appease their God. The king ,who is believed to be the sole messenger of the God, forces everyone to practice this religion and those who object would be sentenced to a inhumane death. A small group of boys with a horrid history of the rituals swore to put a stop to the king and the barbaric religion, thus how Uqacia is formed. With Rogan as a new member of the team, along with her mysterious black wings which can withstand fire, they might have a clear shot at taking down the king.

Close up on the characters.

Z Brush head of Rogan.

Key art scene of them discussing.

Next Project: Restore

Another personal IP I did in school. It's about a royal high elven druid named Luriel and her twin brother Lurien as guardians of a sacred tree called the Tree of Life. This project was inspired by Celtic themed stories and religions, and inspired by a game called Puzzle Quest. The twins are tasked to save their land from a mysterious plague that is causing those who are dead to become the undead. Only the Tree of Life can purify the plague and only guardians of the Tree can approach the Tree.

The twin high elven druids, Luriel and Lurien.

The Fenra foxes act as messengers to the twins. They are intelligent creatures and can run very fast without getting tired easily. When blessed by the Book of Life, the become golden and their abilities are enhanced.
The Book of Life is a sacred book birthed from the Tree of Life and given to the guardians for them to spread it's knowledge. Only guardians are able to read it and it's contents are potent with the essence of the Tree of Life.

The royal ship the twins use for travel.

The Temple of Life, where the Tree of Life resides. Only guardians are able to come close to the Tree without getting too overwhelmed by it's essence.

Next Project: Danaan

Some concept art I did for a group project. The title of this project is Danaan.

Some matte paintings I did.

A witch character I made for another personal project.

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