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Gilded Neon Yokai of the Cyber Realms
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Gilded Neon Yokai of the Cyber Realms

Entry for Substance Painter contest Meet Mat 3

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Update - 27 Nov 2023

To clear my mind of contrasting ideas, I first started a brainstorming session by creating a mind map (as seen below) containing a plethora of words and concepts. I then sought to link and organize these thoughts. Next, I focused on keywords and combined ideas to create a distinctive concept for this contest. My aim was to craft a folklore character reminiscent of the Japanese Yokai and infuse it with a cyberpunk ambiance. This juxtaposition is visually accentuated by melding traditional elements and embellishments with futuristic elements.

I'm currently refining the visual aspects of this concept, so be sure to stay tuned for additional updates.

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Update - 21 Nov 2023

Hello everyone! It's great to see all of the concept ideas and explorations being shared here. This is my first time participating in a contest like this, and I am excited to embark on this journey with all of you. I am currently working on a concept, and although it is not yet complete, I have collected some reference images and ideas that I am eager to share with everyone. So, stay tuned for more updates from me!