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Etienne Vittani | Portfolio 2019

Etienne Vittani | Portfolio 2019

Etienne Vittani
by etiennevittani on 29 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

Some concept projects I did in the few past months for the Institut Artline or for personnal works. Hope you'll enjoy it!

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The Cave

In a forgotten cave, a whole city lives hidden from the rest of the rising sun’s empire and its wars. The city built here is prosperous in this cave they have shaped to their needs ... until the day an unknown samuraï will discover it!

The Portal

The Brief was to design a room with in the center a time portal that was constructed by humans nowadays. The goal is to conceptualize an interior and the central object : The Time Portal.

Viking Hammer

The brief was to design the hero weapon for a movie or a video game, so I choosen a viking double handed war hammer.

Back To Home

The starting idea was to have a calm view on a sunset canyon landscape with some big ships which get back to home.

Some other works

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