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Environment Pieces

Environment Pieces

Lukas Kuhn
by lukaskuhn on 11 Mar 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

This entry features a selection of my environment and prop concept art pieces, exploring different styles and different settings.

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ALVA | stylized dark fantasy

"Iadlain is a small and isolated city. Nestled far within the twisted forest of Wispwood, on land said to be scarred by battles of old, Iadlain is home to both some of the Empire’s greatest mages and most vicious, eldritch creatures. To survive the seclusion and dangers of the area, the Iadlish people have learned to be wary, selfish and self-sufficient, and are generally unfriendly and suspicious towards others, especially outsiders. Magical power is respected above all else and worship of the dark god Atros remains strong."

"The hermit sage travels the woods in her mobile abode, appearing where ever she pleases. Magic chimes and runes protect her carriage from the eldritch beings of the forest, the downwards facing halo of her dark god worked into the architecture, a lucky charm for business. Of course a regular carriage would have been way too small for her treasure trove of trinkets, so she had parts of her old home strapped on to it."

"A mausoleum full of towering marble figures in a palace arisen from the sea floor. "

Esther comes across Andros on the search for relics in the Citadel of Crowns. Struck with a desire to claim the long lost artifacts of this place, neither will back down from a fight.

NEO - MEIJI | excentric sci fi

While our collective vision of the future generally trends towards a clean Braun/Apple-type look, here I tried imagining a retread on historic design. What if a dystopian Japan returns to Isolationism and repeats sentiments of the Meiji-period? This designproject combines Japanese, modern and baroque aesthetics, fusing them as tightly and seamlessly as possible.

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