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Game Project Experiences

Game Project Experiences

Antonia Kiili
by donutmagic on 28 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

With almost no experience what so ever I started at Futuregames as a Game Designer in 2017, but later switched to Game Programming. This is a collection of some of the student game projects I've made with other students during my time at Futuregames.

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More code and projects can be found on my portfolio webpage:

Ley Lines is a first person shooter/platformer in which you use your weapon, not only to vanquish enemies; but also to solve the puzzles and progress in the story. Using a vast movement-set you can swiftly traverse the world both horizontally and vertically, use the environment as well as your gun β€œRa” to open hidden path ways and bounce far out of the reach of enemies.

Code and videos of the features I worked on are uploaded on my portfolio:

If you want to play it you can download it here:

My official role in this project was Game Designer, but I spent most of my time scripting. I was part of designing the idea of the game from the start but later focused more on the interactable system and the interactables, which I also scripted. The basic idea of the interactable system was to use the elements in the way they work in real life, it should make sense to the player. You can stop fire burning with ice and you can melt ice with fire, and both you and the enemies will be damaged by the fire. Instead of having a lot of interactable objects, we tried to narrow it down to fewer objects with more interactions and I worked a lot on making them feel really good.

Welcome to an atmospheric puzzle game about giving life a second chance! In Rebearth you are tasked to restore the greenery of a planet. Find the orbs of power. They will let you rotate platforms to create the path to spring. Explore with your mind and not your feet. Only by aligning the platforms in the right way can you succeed. As you progress, your power to rotate expands to additional axes, which will demand even more of your head. Follow the light, follow the green – and life can have a second chance again!

Game Designer being my official role, for this project I was doing general game design and scripting the main mechanic along with all the interactions and scripted events in the game. 

Set in a 50’s american diner, players have 90 seconds to serve most tables in a fast paced butler-bot battle for glory!

You can download the game here:

My official role in this project was Game Designer, but I did more than that. The focus of this game was to have a fun co-op experience and I was part of designing the idea from the start as well as scripting the different mechanics. I also made and implemented all the sounds and music from scratch.

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