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by Josef Nijmeh, Anton Schuman, Daniel Rosberg Drake, Daniella Rolf, Eigil Wretström, Goran Taha, Henrik Westerlund, Ivar Roxner Kinny, Karl Thörnblom, Karsten Malmquist, Linus Liljegren, Mattias Davis, Robert Pettersson, and constrainedtiger on 30 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

Maneuver through a dangerous crypt using the recoil of your blunderbuss and retrieve the King's crown to cleanse the crypt of its corruption!

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Platformer | 8 weeks half-time

Constrained Tiger consists of:

Mattias Davis | Josef Nijmeh | Anton Schuman | Goran Taha | Eigil Wretström

Level Designers
Daniel Rosberg Drake | Karl Thörnblom

Graphical Artists
Karsten Malmquist | Robert Pettersson | Henrik Westerlund

Linus Liljegren | Daniella Rolf | Ivar Roxner Kinny

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