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Character and Environment Art

Character and Environment Art

Ruby Trumble
by rubytrumble on 28 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

A collection of environment + character concepts.

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This entry is divided into the following categories:

- Environments

- Characters

- Studies


The following paintings were done as part of a Digital Painting class from the previous semester of uni. Each painting was created in response to a brief assigned in class.

This brief was for a fantasy style story in which a young girl discovers a portal to another world at the base of a tree in the forest.


This brief describes a nutrient-rich planet with large alien monoliths being explored by a crew who has crashlanded.

This brief describes a villager approaching a castle that overshadows a small village.

Character Design

Each of the following character designs was produced during this semester's Character Design class at uni. Each week, we were challenged to draw a historical character or a character from a well-known work of fiction.

Merlin from Arthurian Legend / Freyja from Norse Mythology

Blackbeard, historical figure / Robot from Lost In Space /Genghis Khan, historical figure


Recent studies from photos + life.

Thank you for looking!

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