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Art by Ahmed Serbest

Art by Ahmed Serbest

Ahmed Serbest
by ahmedserbest on 28 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

This is a collection of some works I did during my studies at HoWest.

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Genesis-0 Sci-Fi Level - UE4

Modular level in UE4. We had to make modular props so that we could dress the level with a limited amount of props but still achieve diversity through our level.

We had to use textures and materials in a smart way so we could have good materials everywhere in our level without having to use many textures.

For my props I'm using custom vertex normals so I didn't have to bake a normal map for every mesh which saved me a lot of time. All my meshes, except the robot, use one of the two trim textures I made.

Church Of light - UE4

Goal of this assignment was to create photorealism with baked lighting. I decided to replicate church of light by Tadao Ando. Everything in the scene is made by me.

Well - UE4

Goal of this assignment was to create a realistic looking scene with dynamic lighting only. Most of the assets are from the unreal marketplace. Only the man-made stuff are made by me.


Low poly and high poly modeled in 3ds max. High poly polished in zbrush. Baked and textured in substance painter. Rendered in UE4.

Samurai Torso Sculpt - Zbrush

Concept by Yu Xinhe ( Some Changes were made on the concept due to assignment requirements.

The Messa - Wonderer Sculpt - Zbrush

First full character sculpt in zbrush , based on Aurelien Rantet his work. ( Posed and rendered in Zbrush.

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