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Whole One Year Experience

Whole One Year Experience

Vincent Saputra
by vincentsaputra on 30 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

Here is a Compilation of the best work in my studies in Motion Graphic and Design course in 3D Sense Media School, Singapore

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Pacific Rim - Crimson Typhoon GUI

This is our big group project, We need to develop a GUI for a certain object ( in this case its a model from our senior in an Animation course, Crimson Typhoon from Pacific Rim ). In this project, my roles are Lighting and Texture artist and Person in charge of the 3D Render.

In the early stage, I try to make the Color looks and setting up the Lighting for the Crimson Typhoon. 

From the early stage we decided to make the Crimson Typhoon with the black chrome texture, to show the beauty of it with rim light and show the silhouette of it.

Here is some Action Pose for Styleframe, that need to be export to Adobe Illustrator to develop the GUI Text.

Here is the test for a Heroic pose with some specular level to be choose for the Styleframe.

Channel Branding - Netflix

This is Channel Brading assignment, I choose Netflix as my brand. The big idea of this rebrand is using a red box as representative of the Netflix logo, the box is changing shape it is for showing that Netflix is can be used in any device (Phone, Tablet, and TV), the shadow of the box in white background and it moved from left to right to showing that you can enjoy Netflix any time. and the last one the box is in the moving transportation to show that Netflix can be watched anywhere.

As part of Channel Branding, there are some requirements such as: Menu, Donut, and Lower thirds, Horizontal and Portrait Printed advertisement.


Lower Third


Horizontal Advertisement

Portrait Advertisement

Thank You 

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