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Harry Biggs - Environment Artist

Harry Biggs - Environment Artist

Harry Biggs
by harrybiggs on 25 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

I am a recent graduate from the 3D Games Art and Design course at the University of Hertfordshire. I am currently seeking employment as an environment artist in the video games industry. In the coming months, I look forward to improving my existing pieces and creating new exciting pieces of art for my portfolio.

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Arusdell [UE4] -  Rivendell Inspired Environment

One of the focuses of this environment was to improve my foliage skills, while also keeping the theme of Rivendell in a different setting to the movie.

Thanks to Javier Lorente for letting me use his elf character.

Ready for Adventure [UE4] concept by Oliver Guiney

Elk head from the UE4 Marketplace

Fiefdom - VR museum project, produced in collaboration with Kieran Young

One of the challenges was to create something that served both the purpose of being easy to use for VR navigation while also being artistically interesting. The premise for this project was for the player to be able to explore the motte and bailey castle and learn various things about them. For this purpose, we decided to make the terrain flat to make the VR navigation easier.

Tekashi's Curse [UE4] - I did the lighting for this project and various minor tweaks. The environment is made by Jack Gathercole and Benjamin Stefanyszyn and the characters are made by Sharon Lau and Juaraj Maruska.

Generator - based off a Gears of War concept

I decided to improve my asset creation skills with a focus on creating a hero prop that had an efficient UV layout and topology. I made effective use of mirroring and UV packing to ensure I got the highest possible texel density out of this asset.

Photogrammetry tileable bark material

I was eager to explore photogrammetry as a method of creating both art assets and materials. I decided that a bark material would fit the strengths of photogrammetry well, and thus scanned a tree and made a tileable bark material utilising various different software in order to get the final result.

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