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Nabil Jabour
by AntoineJaspar, Remyvu, and nabiljabour on 19 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

Here's the trailer of an upcoming short film that I'm doing for school alongside Rémy Vu and Antoine Jaspar. I was responsible for all the FX shots.

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What if I tell you that the humanity will make so many mistakes, that we will have no choice but to live underneath the surface of our planet? Here's what might happen.

Here's the trailer of an upcoming school project that I'm doing alongside the talented Rémy Vu and Antoine Jaspar. Both are my classmates and we spent 2 months in the same room, sleeping in the same house, eating the same food, in order to make this ambitious project.

As I'm writing these lines, RESUMPTION is not yet finished, and should be by the middle of june.

I invite you now to take a look at the breakdown of mine. I'm responsible for all the FX work. Particles, smoke, clothes, crowds, procedural modeling. All made in Houdini.

PS : If you see any good texturing or modeling, it's probably the work of Rémy Vu. And if you stumble upon some great compositing and also a huge city, it's most likely the work of Antoine Jaspar.

If you have any question about the project, feel free to ask me !

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