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The Rookie 2019-Character modeling-Facial Rigging

The Rookie 2019-Character modeling-Facial Rigging

Here is some works i've done in this year. I hope you'll like it ! Niels's Artstation : Alice's artstation : Jennifer's Artstation : Valentin's Artstation :

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Chararcter modeling/some facial blendshapes/grooming/lighting/rendering.

Body rigg done by Niels Dervieux with his auto rigg and texturing done by Alice Deverchere.

Group project : Viking shrine on Unreal Engine .

Envrironnememt modeling and texturing ecxept the ice the mud are done by Jennifer delle Monache

Bottom character is done by myself 

Top character is done by Valentin Viennot

Texturing is done by Alice Deverchere

Kid : Modeling/facial Rigging/full blendshapes/Texturing/Rendering

Chief Tui : All aspects

The Saloon diorama : Character modeling/Rigging/Skinning/Texturing

Orq Sculpt

Dishonored Sculpt

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