Mike's Stranger Basement
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Mike's Stranger Basement

That is my first contact with The Rookies, so I hope show a great project :D

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Update - 29 Dec 2021

And finally, I can show the result.

I focused on this corner because I had a lot of problems. One of these was the time. My vision of project was hugest than I thought. So, the other side with the broken table, the forest and the chrismas ligths, I did't show in the final result.

So I'll show the details that are not seen.

And to finish, I'll show my creature

Well, I hope to you liked and enjoyed it. 

See you later,


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Update - 29 Dec 2021

And that's the finish model with all props and structure.

The Atari console was a nightmare, because I did the all base structure with a only one tool. And that was my condemn. Kids, don't do this at home! 

After, I made many references to memorable films.

Star Wars, Jurasic Park, Blue Sea and a reference of a videogame called FZero.

Update - 29 Dec 2021

Continue with the modeling, I made the details of props to use their displacement map.

And then, I dared to make the broken table. That was interesting. I tried 2 times, and I made it. First of all, I proposed it in the blocking, creating a base model and making cut randomly in the faces. But that only did work in that case, because it did make difficult to work with the model. So I did must to control the random cuts. But first, the UVs did must to be ready.

Making the wood chips, was more simple. I made a randomly cuts, disattaching the parts and making extrudes. Then, I select the best bits and placed it how I thought was best.

Update - 1 Dec 2021

Hey everyone! This is my first project in The Rookies, and I decided to join at the contest of Stranger Things with my propose of scene. The idea is make the Mike's basement but refurbished to include different elements of the serie.

I'll show first my references, although I started days ago

Then, I was started to make a map of scene to place all things and create the blocking. Although it wasn't correct.

Done that, I make the blocking in maya. I changed things of place with the forest outside

To finish the blocking, I stablish the shoot of camera and a light test to see how some materials behave