Adobe Substance 3D - Living Room
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Adobe Substance 3D - Living Room

Here is the process for the Adobe Substance 3D contest, I hope you like it!

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Update - 23 Jul 2021

Here is my final render, I did learn a lot in this project and have a lot of fun. I think it has all the potential to be a great software as long as they manage to figure out GPU render for AMD cards. It is still a bit slow for CPU render in my opinion, but I can see it being a great new option for us 3D creators.

Here are some additional renders. I hope you like it!

And here is the reference I have.

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Update - 20 Jul 2021

This is my first time using this Substance 3D Stager, and I gotta say it is pretty impressive. It has a similar UI with Substance painter and I can see it being a quick solution for rendering after texturing in substance painter. Although it is still a bit janky and laggy, it is still nice to know that another rendering/staging software is in the market.

Here are my current progress, I will make a living room and I will include my reference in the upcoming days. Stay tuned!