TGA Portfolio - Johanna Pettersson

TGA Portfolio - Johanna Pettersson

Johanna Pettersson
by Myth on 2 Jun 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Here are some of the artwork that I have made during my time at The Game Assembly.

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This is a Kettenkrad. I fell in love with the design of this little WWII vehicle. Who doesn't love a motorcycle tank? It was a good oppertunity for me to practice the high and low poly workflow and to make sure the silhouette was up to standard for a good bake.

This project took me about four week halftime to make and was something I did during a course at TGA.

Start of The Journey

In the depths of the Japanese forest lies the start of the journey. A road that will lead you to a forgotten shrine and perhaps an answer to all your questions.

This is a project I made during a course a TGA and it took me about four weeks half time to make. I had a lot of fun while I also learned a lot of new things! The goal was to make a lot with a little. I wanted to make an environment that felt varied but didn't necessarily use a lot of props.

Kodak 35 PH324

I loved making this camera as I really got to practice my reference searching. There was a lot of different models out there so it was a lot of fun figuring out what elements to use and how I could enhance this unique design. 

This camera is a project I made during my time at TGA.

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