Slime Café

Slime Café

Jemma Gilbert
by DBaker, JakeMeaker, Jellehtea, and Rainy on 2 Jun 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Slime Café is a visual novel / café simulator developed by a 3rd year team from Falmouth University.

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Welcome to the café!

Slime Café is a narrative café game set in a quaint modern fantasy world.

You play as the newly hired Barista, Charlie, at the Slime Café - Run by the enigmatic Juliette and Lacy, working alongside a whole other cast of interesting individuals. Prepare the store, learn a whole collection of recipes, prepare drinks and hang out with your colleagues. With each day of work, you will get to engage with your co-workers in visual novel-styled narrative scenes and discover the mystery of what's really going on at Slime Café.

Download the game for Windows PC at our page here:

Our Trailer

Our Story

Slime Café was developed by a team of seven 3rd year game development students at the Falmouth University Games Academy.

Since starting the project in September 2020, the team has worked entirely remotely. Since being plunged into the pandemic last year, we've had to learn how to adapt. Coordinating and building a project of this size through virtual contact has been a new experience for all of us, but we've been happy to rise to the challenge. Exercising Agile practice throughout the year, running playtesting sessions, iterating, and sticking together to support each through thick and thin has helped us create a game we're very proud of, and we think it stands as a testament to the adaptability and resilience of us as a team of game development students, as well as the capabilities of the current kinds of technology that enable us to do so. 

Café Concepting & Development

The Drinks

Narrative Backgrounds

The Characters

For the narrative of the game we created four characters with expression systems, deep personalities and backgrounds that are rooted in the world of the game. Through these characters, the game tells a subversive story about consumerism and ethics.

The Team

The Team

Producer, Social Media, and Supporting Writer - Dan Baker

Lead Designer - Warren O'Connel Byrne

Lead Programmer - Jake Meaker

Lead Writer - Kim Conway

Lead Artist, Technical & Character Artist - Jemma Gilbert

2D & Background Artist - Kathryn Green

UI & UX Artist -Sapphire Conran

And a huge thank you to our music freelancers for the amazing soundtrack they made for the game:

Joshua Conway (Cardiff University)

Dom Sutton (University of York)

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