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Alexandre Benyahia -2021

Alexandre Benyahia -2021

Alexandre Benyahia
by Pewbuddy on 2 Jun 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Here are some of my work i've done this year for Game Art at New3Dge

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My name is Alexandre Benyahia and this is my entry for The Rookies 2021. I'm participating with 2 of my works done this year at New3Dge .

-MG_Knight :

Had the great pleasure to make a Yoji Shinkawa's inspired Mech design made for a project called "Heka" produced with a team of 8 people at New3Dge. Mech are my passion, i always talk about them,  i wear them on my shirts, right now i have a small one next to me. So i was very excited to work on one for this project and this is one of the best experience of this year.

I was responsible for the design, sculpting, retopology, texturing, rigging. Sculpting was done in Zbrush and retopology and rigging in 3dsmax. Texture in Substance Painter and final render was done in Unreal Engine.

Triangle : 27 118

- Berserkr

For this project i wanted to challenge myself and work on a stylized character. Had a lot of fun sculpting everything in Zbrush practicing the hard surface technique. I learned a lot during this project thanks to Guillaume Rebenber and Charline Paul's amazing advice and tips for Game Art character. Retopology, Rigging  was done in 3dsmax, texturing in Substance Painter and final  renders in Unreal Engine.

Triangle count : 45 295

Concept by Doras - on Artstation

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