Norse Shipwreck

Norse Shipwreck

by ConorCliffe on 2 Jun 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Final University project with a self directed brief to create a stylised shipwreck camp scene.

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This is my Final University project, it was a self directed brief to allow us as much creative freedom as possible. I decided on a stylised scene, taking inspiration from Sea of Thieves but with a Norse twist! I love Stylised artwork along with a range of historical settings, not just the vikings, but for this project that is the theme I settled on.

I worked on the entire scene, including things like the water. The only thing that I did not create myself was the skybox which is the one built into UE4.

I wanted to capture the aftermath of a shipwreck where the survivors had managed to make camp with what little they had left from their ordeal. Having no one present opens up some options for narrative that the viewer can decide on themselves. Perhaps the inhabitants have gone foraging, perhaps they have met their demise... 

The glowing chest hints at it's power, perhaps that had something to do with the sailors misfortune?

Final Shots (Night and Day)


Towards the end of the iteration process I made some quite drastic changes to the overall landscape based on feedback I received to make the scene elements feel more connected and flow together, along with reducing the orchestrated feeling it had.

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