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Concept Art and Environmental Design

Concept Art and Environmental Design

by Cervesna on 1 Jun 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

This entry contains various personal projects that I have done over the past few months. As my main goal is to create spaces that enrich the narrative of games in an original way, I tried to explore various design techniques, focusing especially on photobashing and matte painting.

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The main project focuses on worldbuilding and environmental design. I decided to create a city based on Hong Kong because of its rich history and cultural background. My inspirations were Fan Ho’s photographs and G Liulian’s artworks. I also used many architectural and fine arts designs when generating ideas. While creating organic architecture I was inspired by Yuanxing Liang’s folkloric sculptures with whimsical landscapes.
To generate ideas quickly, I made pre-production sketches which not only helped me develop my photobashing techniques but also created a colour palette for future paintings. I focused here on telling stories through lighting and colours. These are very conceptual pieces, plus too many details would give away the scale, so I focused on a loose appearance. I think there is something appealing about suggesting information.
More concept photobashes. I am very interested in the use of matte painting techniques in concept art.
As I find myself relying more on photobashing than painting, I would like to change that in my future artwork. I also want to work on simplifying the shapes to better convey my ideas.
An entry for the Genshin Impact Fan Art contest (‘A Sea of Lights’).

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