Celioton (Sound development, level desing and 3d modeling)

Celioton (Sound development, level desing and 3d modeling)

by Oblivious on 2 Jun 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

In this entry I describe how was the process in the sound desing and 3d modeling of the videogame Celioton

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Celioton: A deep ocean adventure

(Sound Development, level design and level 3d Modeling )

Sound development

In this part, the develop of the sound was kind of difficult, because we think in various organic sound of sea wildlife, so I create a list of organic sound that related to the ocean and can combine with the ambientation of the game.

I use FLStudio for the develop of the sounds and make the synthetizers with libraries of sounds to make the ambientation and effects of the game.

Level Desing and 3d Modeling

Based on various assets of space station and submarine bases, i made a group of assets that can made a ambientation inside the submarine base that the team made, also we desing a group of assets that can work in terms of modularity to implement in various levels around the game and can work for made new ones in the easiest way that i think.

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