Repurposed Soviet Office

Repurposed Soviet Office

Jordan Eady
by jordaneady on 1 Jun 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

My final major project for university that focuses on capturing a historically accurate narrative environment by using and developing the various skills and techniques that I have acquired over my time in higher education.

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Final Renders

This is my final major project for my university degree. I wanted to create a narrative based environment piece that would allow me to explore various assets so that I can improve on my core 3D skillset whilst practising my composition and lighting abilities.

With this piece I decided to fuse my love of history with my art to create a Soviet era office with the narrative that the military officer has moved on in a rush, and with this the KGB has moved in to occupy the room since they need the space to house their equipment in order to spy on enemies of the state. I wanted to encapsulate the notion of a "reused" space by incorporating small assets to show the disparity of the different occupants.

Asset Breakdown

I have created game-ready assets throughout the scene to help build my confidence and ability with keeping to industry standard optimization for games. I did this to showcase my skillset and knowledge of game-ready environments. For my assets I wanted to keep everything historically accurate so I decided to create everything based upon real-life references that I had compiled from websites such as Etsy which had a plethora of Soviet era sellers.

Below are some of my model breakdowns of the main pieces of my scene.

Scene Progression

My scene has changed throughout the course of this project, and I have had to tweak my composition multiple times and finally decided upon taking some close-up shots to give a more dramatic outcome for my environment. I think this was a better choice than my original idea of having a static camera that attempted to showcase everything in one shot. Because of this I was able to display my individual assets efficiently and distinctively. 

Below is the progression of my scene from start to finish.

Lighting Change

I also decided towards the end of the project to change the lighting direction to a night time theme as I thought that this would give me a better sense of directed light, as well as improve my overall contrast since my daytime one was quite washed out. 

Using wall lights and the chandeliers helped in breaking up the flat walls and ceiling whilst giving rim light to areas that needed some eye-catching.

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