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Infinite Bounty

Infinite Bounty

From team Ludophoria at the Falmouth Games Academy, a bonkers sci-fi 3rd-person online co-op shooter for 1 to 4 players. Planetary destruction for your capitalist overlords has never been so much fun! Smash and grab tasty Nuggs with your friends to earn BountyBucks to infinitely upgrade your Tools and difficulty!

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Born amidst the pandemic, Infinite Bounty is a multiplayer experience that literally blasts you and 3 friends to another planet.

The game was designed as a space for friends to muck around in, blow off steam and have a laugh, during a time when connecting with others online for some blissful recreation was incredibly important.

Infinite Bounty gives players a veritable playground of interactions to discover and explore with their friends, creating exhilarating moments of joy and surprise as players uncover new ways to play the game.

The project was a 3rd-year game development project that utilised an Agile workflow, spanning 10 months in 10 3-week sprints, progressing through concept, pre-production and production stages to control the flow of development.

Our team of 8 consisted of 2x Designers, 2x Programmers, 1x Animator and 3x Artists, and we were lucky to work with 2 ultra-talented Audio Artists as contractors to help bring juice and life to the game world. (See Credits at the bottom of the page.)


The players live the life of Harvesters in the game world. Below is a collection of concept art and finished renders of the player characters.

The Harvester characters are built from modular body parts to allow players to customise their appearance using their ship's 'Reflectron Machine', and are split into Head, body and limbs. 

The mood and tone of each character is aimed at representing a comedically over-worked alien workforce of employees!

The Wildlife

The Harvest planet Ignova is teeming with seemingly hostile indigenous wildlife! See below for images of the game's enemies from concept to full-render.

Silhouette was one of the most important elements of visual design throughout the game - and this was kept in mind when concepting the enemies. They are designed to mimic the hostile, rocky environment of the planet: with sharp spikes and rocky forms covering their bodies. Bold colours were also used to highlight their threatening nature.


Ignova is a volatile planet where the environment is every bit as dangerous as the enemies. The player touches down during a volcanic eruption and must navigate rivers of lava and a deadly ash cloud in order the reap the rewards of the planet’s natural resources.

Ignova is designed to look alien and uninhabitable, with enough reward to balance the risk. We kept a limited colour palette and simple textures to avoid visual noise in a fast-paced environment.

Pathways are highlighted to the player with lava rivers or sand - and we make use of bright emissive textures to indicate that the Nuggs are valuable and collectible. 

The Harvest Crew Ship

You and your fellow Harvesters live moderately comfortably aboard your very own Crew Ship courtesy of Infinite Bounty!

Tools & Augments!

Game verb defining Tools on each hand? Yes please!

Players can pick up a Harvesting Tools from their Infinite Bounty Tool Rack, each that has a function specific to the dangerous world of Planetary Harvesting.

Players can have a Tool on each hand, and have one backpack tool that gives them an auxiliary ability. This gives players a huge amount of variability in their actions... Prepare for carnage!

Players can also buy Augments that can be added to the Tools to change their functionality. Combined with a ridiculously near-infinite procedural system, the Augments provide huge potential for player emergence in how they can upgrade and modify their Tools.

Comedic corporate satire!

Who wouldn't want to start an illustrious career with the galaxy's #2 resource acquisitions company?...

A zesty vein of corpo-capitalist satire runs rich throughout the game world, even into the menus! This helps to instill a cohesive and natural feeling tone throughout the experience.


To keep each run-through of the game fresh, players can play with Dimensional Diversifiers to modify elements of the game, courtesy of the Infinite Bounty Dimensional Gambling Machine...

Download and play for free with the link below!


Bartosz Kościółek - Animator - Portfolio - Twitter

Ben Micallef - Soundtracks

Byron Crowhurst - Programmer - Twitter

Jamie Covell - Programmer - Twitter

John-Arthur Meakin - Producer/Designer - Portfolio

Louise Crouch - Environment/2D/UI Artist - ArtStation - Twitter

Maisie Goodreid - Sound FX - Portfolio - Instagram

Matthew Brett - Character/Environment Artist - ArtStation - Twitter

Nathanael Mayho - Environment Artist - ArtStation

Nick Furniss - Designer/Programmer - Portfolio

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