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by 2halvesgames on 1 Jun 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

This 3 week project was made for Level Design class in Academy of Art University. However, system for the main character I was developing for 6 months. The main purpose of the project was to create level around stealth mechanics.

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Events in the game occur in the fantasy world  with a Victorian era culture. Projects was mainly inspired by settings in games like Dishonored and Darkest Dungeon. For this specific level, I used references from images of Old Essex County Jail, Newark and Roseville State Prison, Roseville


The protagonist of the game is a former military man who, due to mysterious circumstances, began to lose control and turn into a monster.

There are two types of enemy.  Guards with longswords that engages in close combat and guards with rifles that shoots from a distance.

Player can talk with prisoners, but only one can provide helpful information about escaping the prison.


Gameplay is based around stealth mechanics, movement that includes sprint, leap, and jump with climb, and around close combat. There are also dialog system which based on using Excel Files. All enemies have Behavior tree component. Interface includes health and energy bars. Player's health was made low for this specific level goals.

Used Resources 

For this project I've used 3D animation pack.

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