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Kaya's Vale

Kaya's Vale

Matthew Stevens
by MatthewCBStevens on 1 Jun 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Kaya’s Vale is a 3D adventure game that answers the question many have asked - what would it be like to have your own dinosaur friend?

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Kaya's Vale has answers the question everyone's asked: what would it be like to have your own dinosaur for a friend?

Kaya’s Vale is a single-player, third-person 3D adventure platformer set in a prehistoric world that worships dinosaurs as primordial sacred beings. Following in the eyes of Kaya, a dino tamer from a mysterious ancient civilization - you must embark on an adventure in which you will journey through a vibrant jungle filled with thrills, life and danger with dinosaurs around every corner.

 Climb your way through ethereal landscapes and solve light puzzle elements along the way! 

Evade the threat of the ferocious Tyrannosaurus Rex alongside your audacious Allosaurus! 

- Players can explore the fantasy of having their own dinosaur companion in this vertical slice of an experience!

If the elevator pitch and trailer above interest you, feel free to check out our page below to play our demo for free!


Here are our stars of the show - Kaya and Apollo! Alongside are some handy annotations to explain their design decisions.

Matthew Stevens - Producer/ Team Lead - UX, UI & Level Design 

Niels Whitby - Scrum Master - Technical & Level Designer 

Jack Williams - Narrative Designer/ Writer

Max Oates - Gameplay & Apollo AI Programmer - Technical Lead & Designer 

Ashley Cowell - UI & AI Programmer - Particle Effects - Shaders - Post Processing Lighting

Darriane "Daz" Saunders - Art Overseer - 2D/ 3D Character & Concept Artist

Kimberley "Kimmi" Pitcher - Art-style Director - 3D, 2D, UI & Promo Artist 

Georgia Waller - 2D & 3D Environment & Texture Artist 

Tom Mason - 3D Environment Artist (Architecture)

Onyx McGarvey - General & Storyboard Artist - Writer 

Simona Nikolova - 3D Character & Prop Artist

Lachlainn Hayes - Animator & Rigger 

Harry Papantoniou - Ambient Noise & SFX

Outsourced Team Members:

Luke Stannard - Audio Coordinator - Sound Designer & Music Composer 

Callum Whiteley - SFX - Sound Designer 

Benjamin Wilson - Animator & Rigger

Leon Thomas - Animator & Rigger

Andrei "Andy" Pantilie - Animator 

Annie Butler - The Voice of Kaya 

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